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Tips For Building A Pier On Waterfront Property

Owning a waterfront property means not only having a place to use a boat, but having a place to park it as well. A private pier is the perfect way to keep a boat ready to use at any time. It can also be a place to fish, swim, and even sit out in the sun. The following are a few tips from one marine construction company at for property owners who are thinking about building a pier.

Determine The Size Required

Docks and Piers come in all sizes, from a simple platform extending a short distance into the water to a long and expansive pier with room for seating and space in the water for multiple boats. Larger boats need to be moored in deeper water, and the depth of the water the pier has to reach will also affect its overall size. It's a good idea to have a plan in mind before talking with a contractor about options.

Choose A Material

Traditionally docks are built of wood, and many people prefer them because they blend with the natural environment. It's also a relatively inexpensive material. However, wood structures have some drawbacks; for one thing, they are more susceptible to damage than harder materials like metal. Wooden piers need fairly frequent maintenance. Aluminum, on the other hand, is a maintenance-free material that can last for many years. Learn more about the benefits of aluminum at Summerset Marine.

Consider The Environmental Impact

Some states require an environmental impact study before dock construction can begin; even if not required, it's still a good idea to know about the ecosystem in the water. Not only could a new construction affect aquatic life and nesting areas under the pier, but it could also affect areas downstream by blocking the flow of sediment. Some life forms, especially organisms that latch on to the side of a structure, can also be harmful to the pier itself.

Learn About The Permitting Process

Property owners should be aware that it can take a long time to get approval for a new construction, sometimes even longer than it takes to build the pier. It's important to learn about the process and get started well in advance. Sometimes a contractor will take care of getting the permit, but sometimes the responsibility falls to the owner. Typically the process involves collecting documentation, such as a plat of the property and a blueprint of the construction. Wiring for electricity usually requires a separate permit. To learn more about dock construction, visit Summerset Marine.

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